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Go Kart Design Challenge is a contest formulated to enhance the approach of students practicing Engineering and Diploma courses. This event is fundamentally all about designing and fabricating a Go Kart at very low expenditure. We expect the teams to manufacture Go Karts yielding optimum performance. The teams participating in this contest have to go through two rounds, Pre-Final Round (PFR) and Final Round (FR). It will be mandatory for all the teams to clear the PFR in order to advance to the FR. Teams are required to manufacture their Go Karts without any direct/indirect involvement of any kind of Professional help. The design challenge comprises of two rounds namely:

1- Pre Final Round (PFR)
2- Final Round (FR)

1- Pre Final Round (PFR)- (Design Report Presentation)

In order to get through the PFR, participating teams have to put on show a presentation which explains all the research and development work carried out by the teams in designing the vehicle. They would have to present a PPT through which they are supposed to explain all the work that goes into the designing process in front of the judges. The decision taken by the judges would decide the team's continuance in the contest.

2- Final Round (FR)- (Miscellaneous Tests)

All the qualified teams from the PFR are eligible to take part in the FR. All the participating teams are required to manufacture their respective Go Karts in their college campuses. Come event day, all the teams have to reach the specified venue. The vehicles manufactured by the teams would go through a number of tests namely, Technical Inspection, Brake test, Acceleration test, Skid Pad and so on. Based on the points achieved by each team in the following tests, the winner would be decided.