6th-GKDC Registration Fee

Class - 125cc Registration
Registration Fees - INR 12500 + 18% GST
Participation Fees - INR 7000 +18% GST

Class - 150cc Registration
Registration Fees - INR 15500 + 18% GST
Participation Fees - INR 7000 +18% GST

Class - EV Registration
Registration Fees - INR 15500 + 18% GST
Participation Fees - INR 7000 +18% GST

Class - 125cc Registration - ISNEE announces registration for 125cc category in 6th season of Go Kart Design Challenge. The category offers 60 slots for which registrations will be done from April 15th to May 5th, 2018. Registration fee of this category is Rs 12500/- (Excluding GST) and paying Rs 2500/- against the team registration can reserve the slot. Balance amount can be paid on May 5th, 2018. Also the last date of registration for electric category is now May 5th, 2018. Click Here to know more about Class-125cc Registration.

Teams can enroll their names in early bird registration. Details are as:

Registration Start Date - April 15th, 2018
Registration End Date - May 5th, 2018
Registration Fees - Rs. 12500/-
Slot Booking - Rs. 2500/-
Available Slots - 60

Payment Procedure - Teams can pay the registration fees through online payment gateway. Teams will be provided with the team accounts over where the fees payment can be done. All the details related to the team account will be sent in a mail immediately after the registration completion online.

Engine guidelines for class 125cc-Teams are free to use any engine meeting the following requirements -

Engine Type - Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Air Cooled
Type of Fuel - Petrol
Maximum Capacity - 125cc

a. Engine Usage- One engine can only be used for one year.
b. Energy boosting devices/hybrid systems are strictly prohibited.
c. Engine Tuning - Teams are free to modify/tune the engine but it must not affect the maximum capacity mentioned above.

Note- Remaining all the IC Category rules mentioned in the 6th GKDC Rulebook will be applicable to 125cc category as well. The updated Rulebook will be made available on the website at earliest.

Posted April 12th, 2018 by Admin